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How much does your business depend on the internet?

The Answer is More Than You Know

Even the smallest business must rely on having an internet presence or they will be lost in the sea of small businesses that present a full online offering.  This doesn't mean that you have to conduct business solely on the internet but it does mean that you can't ignore the amount of business you might gain if you are doing things right online and on social media.  It is vastly important that your business is easy to find online but it is equally as important as providing quality content to your customers so that you present a positive image for your brand.  It is also important to note that any size business can be branded well and can promote itself as such.  There is nothing that says you can't be a small business that sells local honey but presents itself better than Apple.  In fact, every business deserves the chance to be represented well and have the right to fair marketing that provides results.

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We offer the following physical and online marketing services for any size business but we specifically cater to local small businesses in the Olcott, NY area, and WNY in general. If you are interested in design work for the web and print for your brand, website design, web hosting, or website security please contact our parent company, Prime Encode, LLC for help with getting your business off the ground or re-branded.

Social Encode Onsite SEO

Get Found on the Web

Onsite S.E.O.

If you have set up your website properly, it should be a sales funnel that operates by selling you and your products or services.  It should be designed for your intended clients and should be easy to browse, navigate, and contain relevant and helpful information about your business and industry.  The funnel portion is usually mechanized by the contact/service request forms on your site or by the e-commerce portion of your online store.  However, if no one gets there then what was the point in spending all of your time and/or money on creating your website in the first place?  Make sure you are putting your best foot forward and you have your site optimized to be found on the web (SEO).  There are a lot of steps in making your website optimized to perform well in web search and the fundamental steps are made right in your website's content itself by using the proper HTML tags for all the text and images on your site.  Let Social Encode make your website ready to be found on the web and cater to the vast majority of online searches that are performed on

Social Encode - Local SEO

Locally Targetted Search Engine Optimization

Local S.E.O.

It is essential for any business that prefers to work locally to be found in online local search results.  97% of users searched online to find a local business first and why not?  It is easy, and fast, and you can get a flash interpretation of the business you plan to work with.  Submitting your business location and other information to Google My Business is the first step to being found in local search results. You must then classify your business properly otherwise you won't show up in the proper local results.  For example, Brennan's Outdoor Services offers stump grinding, property cleanup, stone and dirt work, etc... When first classified as offering "Landscape Services" they were getting calls for jobs they couldn't fulfill.  Once we classified them into better categories they got the business they were targeting.  Social Encode also utilizes a proprietary network of online business directories (similar to Yelp, Houzz, and Foursquare) that will promote your business and website. This will improve your local search results and will ensure your business is portrayed uniformly online.

Social Encode Social Media Marketing

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

Social Media Marketing

Small businesses should focus most of their online marketing efforts on social media. Social media helps you build brand awareness, increase your client base, and connect with current customers to maintain that positive relationship.  The best thing is that a lot of your social media content you can create yourself and/or your employees will be able to make engaging posts and manage connections with customers.  You don't have to be extremely knowledgable in marketing to do this either you just have to create good engaging content and utilize well-lit and properly exposed photos and videos that showcase the best side of your business.  Using the proper ad targeting methods as well as participating in the right groups and channels on your business's social media accounts will ensure you are getting the best bang for your buck when promoting your content.  What Social Encode brings to the table is years of experience and knowledge of industry standards as the leading social media spaces make constant changes to the marketing side of their platform.  We can help you improve what your business is currently doing while simultaneously creating amazing content that will work in addition to your current plan. 

Social Encode - Email Marketing

Branded Mass Emails for Your Business

Email Marketing

As you have been growing your business you have hopefully been collecting contact information from your customers.  Phone numbers are good, but they are mostly just for following up with a client as cold calling customers doesn't provide the results it used to in the past.  However, obtaining your client's email address is the best thing you can do for your re-marketing efforts.  There are so many ways for businesses to communicate with customers personally with email marketing and you can even address each of your recipients by name.  For example, restaurants can automatically send out emails giving promotions on a customer's birthday or congratulating a customer for recently signing up for their mailing list.  For this to be truly beneficial, you must create email content that is worth opening, and you must also give the customer the opportunity to sign up for your mailing list on your website and your social media.  Once a small business has hype built up for its email marketing efforts, it will focus most of its efforts on this.  In fact, there are ways to re-market your emails to clients that haven't opened them yet and maybe even offer them additional bonuses until they follow up with you directly.    

Social Encode - Content Generation



Onsite SEO starts with its most basic element, which is your site's content.  I'm not sure if "Content is King" was coined by Bill Gates but it was his prediction that just as it was in broadcasting that real money will be made on the internet with good content.  The phrase implies that unique, high-quality, interesting, and relevant content contributes significantly to the success of businesses on the Internet.  But how does this apply to small businesses?  Do you really have engaging content that can compete at a national or even a global level that will earn you excellent viewership?  Heck yeah, you do!  Small businesses don't realize the impact they have on their local economic structure or even their ability to offer educational pieces that will mutually benefit themselves and their customers.  It doesn't matter how you generate your content, it just matters that the viewers of that content are informed by it and enjoy it.  The more content you create, the bigger the long-term effect it will have on your business.  So why not tell your customers about your business.  Maybe about its category or your industry in general, but maybe this information can even be more personal.  It is up to a business owner to figure out your business's voice, but many people can help you realize that voice and strengthen it. 

Social Encode - Marketing Strategy



Are you a strong-willed business owner that puts everything they have into their business and marketing efforts?  Or do you have a dedicated team that loves your business and wants to further its efforts to grow?  Then Social Encode is the best choice for you to develop your marketing strategy.  Most likely you have a good amount of social content and you do your best to update your website and your Google Business account information.  That is excellent and you should already be patting yourself on the back!  But deep down you know that you can be doing better.  That is where Social Encode can help you present your business in the best of light and will guide you on a path to success.  By evaluating your current metrics including financial investments for marketing, figuring out who your intended customers are, and critiquing your content and its aesthetic, we can develop a plan that involves everyone to increase your return on your investment of time and funds.


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Although we serve areas outside this are map this is our local service area where we can meet you in person to discuss your online marketing needs.  Social Encode marketing services is located in Burt, NY and are close to Olcott and Lockport, NY.   We currently serve the following areas:  Akron, NY | Alabama, NY| Alden, NY | Albion, NY | Alexander, NY| Amherst, NY | Appleton, NY | Attica, NY | Avon, NY | Barker, NY | Basom, NY | Batavia, NY | Bowmansville, NY | Brockport, NY | Buffalo, NY | Burt, NY | Cheektowaga, NY | Clarence Center,  NY | Clarence, NY | Corfu, NY | Cowlesville, NY | Crittenden, NY | Darien Center, NY | Depew ,NY | East Amherst, NY | East Pembroke, NY | Elma, NY | Gasport, NY | Getzville, NY | Grand Island, NY | Greece, NY | Kenmore, NY | Knowlesville, NY | Lackawanna, NY | Lancaster, NY | Leroy, NY | Lewiston, NY | Lockport, NY | Lyndonville, NY | Marilla, NY | Medina, NY | Middleport,  NY | Model City, NY | Newfane, NY | Niagara Falls, NY |  Niagara University, NY | North Tonawanda, NY | Oakfield, NY | Olcott, NY | Ransomville, NY | Rochester, NY | Sanborn, NY | Snyder, NY | Spring Brook, NY | Stella Niagara, NY | Tonawanda, NY | Waterport, NY | West Seneca, NY | Williamsville, NY | Wilson, NY | Youngstown, NY

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