How to Build a Strong Panel of Reliable Market Research Participants

Business woman drawing a graph on a poster with two associates smiling and watching her

How to Build a Strong Panel of Reliable Market Research Participants Market research is an essential aspect of any business strategy. It provides valuable insights into consumers’ opinions and behaviors, which can guide decision-making processes and optimize marketing campaigns. However, the success of any market research study hinges on having reliable participants who are representative…

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Bright Marketing Ideas for the Holidays

Table with thin wrapped gifts with women's hands holding the center gift.

Looking for ideas to promote your small business during the holidays? Whether you own a virtual store or rent a retail space, you can use special times around the year to engage with customers and increase your sales. And here are six brilliant suggestions to get you started:

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Why Buffalo Is the Perfect Place for Entrepreneurs to Launch a Business

Young female entrepenuer doing sketches at her work desk

If you’re planning to start a business, you want to set up shop in a location that will improve the odds of lasting success. The Buffalo, New York area offers many fantastic options, allowing you to pursue your dream of entrepreneurship in a startup-friendly region with a beautiful backdrop and pleasant climate. Courtesy of Social Encode, here’s why Buffalo is a great place to found a company.

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